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The STANLEY 1/2″ Impact Socket – 32mm is a robust and versatile tool engineered for heavy-duty applications requiring high torque and durability.

Made from premium impact-resistant steel, this socket is designed to endure the powerful forces generated by impact wrenches, ensuring exceptional strength and long-lasting performance.

The 1/2-inch drive size provides broad compatibility with various power tools and ratchets, while the 32mm socket size is ideal for working with large fasteners typically found in automotive, industrial, and construction environments.

Precision-machined for a secure fit, it guarantees optimal torque transfer and reduces the risk of fastener damage or rounding.

The deep socket design allows for easy access to deeply recessed nuts and bolts, making it perfect for challenging or confined spaces.

With a corrosion-resistant finish, this socket resists wear and rust, maintaining its reliability and functionality over time.

Clearly marked for quick identification, the STANLEY 1/2″ Impact Socket – 32mm exemplifies STANLEY’s commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative tools that stand up to demanding tasks.