STANLEY 6Pcs Screw Driver Set

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  • Chrome vanadium, rust-resistant, matte finish bar, magnetized tips
  • 30 percent more bi-material for comfortable use
  • Package Contents: Phillips #1mm x 100mm, Phillips #2mm x 150mm, Standard parallel 5mm x 100mm, Standard parallel 5mm x 150mm, Slotted 6.5mm x 150mm, slotted 5mm x 100mm
  • Ergonomic handles for greater torque
  • Direct Detection: 12V–220V AC/DC live objects through LCD display. When testing DC, please touch the earth with your hand.
  • For the breakpoint test, find the phase line, ground line, or break point of the phase line, place the tip of the tester, and press “Induction Breakpoint Test” (you can check the flow of current in an insulated wire from outside).
  • If the tester voltage doesn’t reach 70% of the higher voltage, then it will display a lower voltage. For example, in a 220V pin/socket, if a current of 154 volts is flowing, then the display will show 12, 36, 55, and 110 and not 220V on the LCD screen.
  • For rapid induction voltage testing, you can use an induction electrode to test an electric object at a voltage lower than 12 volts. CE certification by the European Commission.