Nursery Care Kit – Chilli, Tomato, Brinjal

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Footprints ? Let?s Grow Happiness together!

Start Growing your Own Vegetables at home, with footprints convenient home gardening kits !

A family Bonding activity

Helps Children?s holistic Development

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Finest Quality Ingredients with DIMO trust

Grow happiness at home with your loved ones !

Let?s get growing !?

Nursery Care Kit

Nursery Care Kit is a convenient home gardening combo pack which includes, seeds, coir pots, peat pallets and plant markers. This can be used as a starter kit to grow your own vegetables at home.? This will help facilitate the growth of the plant in its nursery stage. Once the Nursery stage is completed, the nursery plant can be transferred to a pot, soil or any other growing medium. Nursery Care kit comes in five different variants and each of the variant has a combination of three crops. This kit includes a step by step guide to educate you on how to use this kit to grow a plant.

Recommended for those who have access to a back yard, home garden or plant pots.


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